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Extenuating Circumstances Form

Extenuating Circumstance Form: Explanatory NotesThe University seeks to respond in an equitable and consistent way to requests from students for extenuating circumstances to be taken into consideration for matters relating to examinations and assessments, for example, extensions to deadlines or progression and award decisions made by Examination Boards. As well as the needs of the student claiming extenuating circumstances, academic integrity and fairness to other students must also be considered.

Extenuating circumstances are usually personal or health problems that we define as:

“Exceptional, short term events which are outside of a student’s control and have a negative impact upon their ability to prepare for or take (sit) an assessment.”

It is the responsibility of students to notify tutors and supervisors, or other appropriate departmental staff, at the earliest opportunity, if there are any extenuating circumstances that might have a bearing on examination/assessment performance.

You should complete and submit an Extenuating Circumstances Form, along with additional relevant documentary evidence where appropriate.

Where you have been absent for less than 7 calendar days and examinations and assessments have not been affected then you will be expected to complete a Student Self Certification Form, in line with your academic departmental procedures for wholesale jerseys reporting absences.

If you are registered with the University Health Service (UHS) and wish to report extenuating circumstances which require supporting medical evidence to be provided by UHS, you should complete the electronic cheap jerseys from china version of the Extenuating Circumstances Form located at:

You can also use the UHS mobile app.

A copy of the form will then be wholesale nba jerseys printed off and provided to you with a stamped doctor’s statement attached.

Please note:

You will need to have seen a doctor regarding your circumstances wholesale nhl jerseys before requesting a form, forms will not be provided to patients who have not been seen by UHS about the circumstances.

Requests for supporting medical evidence must be made via the link above or the mobile app. UHS will not now complete papers versions of the Extenuating Circumstances Form and will not complete forms during consultations. examination boards).Articles Connexes:

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